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Applications & Specialized Products

Automotive and Heavy Vehicles

Universal is a tier two automotive supplier with ISO 9001 approval. The company has extensive experience as a supplier of wire braid and interlocked metal hose for automotive exhaust connectors, light and heavy truck exhaust connectors, and off road heavy equipment exhaust connectors. Other Universal products include corrugated hose and braid for recreational vehicles, and emissions test probes.

Universal is a major supplier of sound attenuation hose for automotive hydraulic systems. The company manufactures over five million feet of hose that is cut and capped to produce assemblies of varying lengths.

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Universal produces high nickel alloy interlock flow liners for light truck exhaust connectors, and interlocked exhaust connectors for military vehicles, light trucks, heavy trucks and off road vehicles.

Universal has the most extensive capability to manufacture wire braid used as flow liners or external shields for automotive connectors.

Sound attenuation hose is made on proprietary forming machines, automatically cut to length, and a cap installed on one end.

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