Text Box: As one  of  the  founding companies in the metal hose industry, UMH has been the #1 choice  for strip wound inter-locked & square-locked tubing and custom          corrugated hose assemblies since 1942.
UMH is growing! 
As a result we proudly  introduce our second in a series of new     product offerings! 
Pulflex Small Diameter Flex Tube with Pull Through   Assist Wire: This new product provides an internal SS wire that runs the length of the tubing to allow wire/cable attachment for easy insert and pull-through       capability. Pulflex is available in cut tube lengths up to 150’ long, in sizes Text Box: from 5/32”ID up to 1/2”ID. The new design is intended to save time and reduce manufacturing costs by speeding up your product’s time to market! 
Typical applications include OEM & measurement/ instrumentation control wire, wire harness assembly, cable/wire underground protection from pressure and environmental concerns and fiber optics. 

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Text Box: Text Box: Inter-locked & Square-locked tubing with Assist Pull Through Wire!
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Pulflex SS Tubing with Assist Pull Through Wire                        Text Box: The Pulflex product line is  available in (2) different strip profile            configurations making it useful for virtually any application using small diameter cables or wire!
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